Class List for Murphy Blue

Rope Classes: Technical


Beginner Level:

Introduction to Rope Bondage or “So, you wanna tie people up?” (Hands-On):
A basic introduction to the world of Asian style rope bondage. The class would cover 1&2 column ties, as well as basic chest and crotch harness. It would then show how these things can be put together.
The Rhythm of Our Ties (Hands-On):
There is an internal beat to everything we do. Even our kink. This class shows you how to use that rhythm, and add the passion of that beat to your ropework and your play.  

Sexable Shibari (Hands-On/Demo):
Ever get your partner tied up, riled up, and ready to go to find that awesome tie needs to be undone before “Getting down to business”? This class focuses on a few ties and positions that allow that type of full access you’re looking for.
Types of Rope (Discussion):
Alright, you like rope. Now, which to buy? This class offers up a few of the most common (and a few of the uncommon) types of ropes people are using to tie with, their pros, and their cons.

Treating your Rope (Discussion):
Once you’ve bought that roll of hemp or jute, you’re going want to treat it, before taking it out to play. This class shows a few different methods of treating your rope so it brings you years of fun and enjoyment.

Intermediate Level:

Intermediate rope bondage or “So you STILL wanna tie people up?”(Hands-On):
A continuation from the basic, this class will include modifications on the chest and crotch harness, a tortoise shell karada, and how to use what you’ve learned so far to make a basic hogtie. It will also include the corset tie, and a few applications.
Lets talk Hogties (Hands-On):
There are a few different Hogties out there in the world. This class goes over some of those variations as well as situations where it might be fun to use those ties.

Arm Bindings (Hands-On):
This class covers some of the different ways we can restrain the limbs that start from your shoulder and go down. From wrist cuffs to strapaddos, we look at some options to keep those pesky things out of our faces while we work.  
Energy and Rope (Hands-On):
As well as a power exchange, Rope can also allow for an energy exchange.  This class talks about feeling that energy, and controlling it, so it can be another tool for the top to harness.

Keeping ‘Em on the Ground: The Value of Floorwork (Hands-On):
In this time of amazing suspensions, sometimes the value and power of keeping your bottom on terra firma is overlooked. This class addresses some positive advantages of doing floorwork, as well as a few ties that are fun to do on the ground.

Experienced Level:

Hip Harnesses for Suspensions (Hands-On):
There are many different types of hip harnesses used for a rope suspension scene. This class will cover a few of them as well as explaining why you may want to use one over the other at a specific time. This way, the rigger will have a couple of extra options before putting their bottom’s bottom in the air.

Partial Suspensions: Not Just The First Step Up (Demo):
A partial suspension is much more than just the point in between being on the ground, and floating in the air. It can be the end result of a tie offering a unique set of experiences. This class looks at what a partial suspension is, shows a few different types of them, and shows a few play options for someone not quite on the ground.
Flow Training: Making the Rope Move (Hands-On):
Once we have learned different ties, we strive to lay them on our partners with grace and control. This act, sometimes known as “flow”, can be difficult to master. This class focuses on different ways to move the rope around well, tips to improve your efficiency of movement, and a few drills you can do on your own to practice and improve your own flow. Three ropes of at least 20ft length are required for this class.

Intro to Suspension Part 1: “The Pre-Flight Check”(Hands-On):
You’ve seen rope people stringing their bottoms in the air. You’ve been working at your own ties, and are thinking: “I totally need to do that! But how do I do it?” This is the class for you! Basic suspension safety will be covered, as well as the pros and cons of types of gear, things to expect in the air, and the differences between ties on the ground and the sky. The ties needed for this suspension will also begin to be covered.

Intro to Suspension Part 2: “The First Flight” (Hands-On):
This class Picks up where part 1 left off: covering the rest of the necessary ties for the suspension, working out the order of the ties, and finally, working through the suspension until lift-off is achieved. Part 1 is required for this class. No exceptions

Advanced Level:

Multi-Person Bondage, or “Sure, You can get tied up, too!” (Demo):
When you add a second rope bottom into the mix, you add a second set of needs, desires, and expectations. This class focuses on some concepts and ideas to help you keep everyone as connected in the scene as possible, even if there are no knots holding them there.
TK Breakdown and Tune up(Hands On):
There are many different versions of the box tie known as the Takate Kote. Instead of focusing on which version is the “right” one, This class breaks down what the TK is, what steps make it up, and shows you variants for each step, with reasons for why (and why not) to use them.  

Rope Classes: (Psychological)

Beginner Level:

Following Your Rope Path (Discussion):
When you enter the “Rope Scene”, you sometimes see an amazing rope artist doing their thing and think, “I wanna be just like them!!” But do you really? Is there only one path to rope greatness? This discussion shows some of the different paths that exist in doing rope, as well as the desires of some of the practitioners of those paths. In doing so, you may be able to find what you want out of rope, without getting burnt out by expectations from an undesirable path.

The Many Moods of Bondage (Demo):
A tie can possess many moods, from erotic, to dominating, to violent, to protecting. This class looks at those moods, where the top should draw inspiration from, what things to add to the scene to make that flow, and what it looks like when they come together.


Intermediate Level:

Binding to the Energy & Rhythm (Hands-On):
In ritual space, each of us feels not only our personal inner beat, but the rhythm of a pulsating whole as all of us come into harmony with one another. Sometimes we find cohesion first as small groups, which then join together to form the whole. Each time a group reaches harmony together, it vibrates at a unique energetic frequency.  It's a powerful reservoir of energy that you can tap into to enhance your experience, and the experience of others, if you can recognize and seize the moment.
This workshop will focus on finding that frequency, tapping into it when you desire it, and keeping that frequency from becoming overwhelming. As a way to experiment with these concepts, we'll learn a few rope bondage ties that are fun to use when letting yourself be part of the whole. Please either bring a partner you are willing to explore this with or a willingness to be paired up with someone and at least 25-30 ft of rope.

In The Lover’s Ropes (Hands-On):
As an aspect of Self, the Lover can house passion, lust, and an intense commitment to the pleasure of the Beloved. Invoking the Lover can offer the power and focus that comes with setting your energy on a goal: the giving of yourself to generate desire within and pleasure for your partner. The Lover is the architect of the sensual moment; with the raw materials of compassion and a complete devotion to the moment, the Lover's rewards come from the response and reciprocation of their Beloved.
This workshop will focus on invoking the Lover in both the binder and the bound (for it is always more powerful when both are working towards the pleasure of the other) and understanding how much to bring the Lover to the forefront of your interactions. You'll learn some rope ties uses to bind your partner in your passion and let the Lover’s energy linger on them for a while. Please either bring a partner you are willing to explore this with or a willingness to be paired up with someone and at least 25-30 ft of rope.  

Rope and D/s (Discussion)                                                                                                             Rope, in it's infinite versatility, is the perfect tool to demonstrate and enforce dominance in a scene. But there are a lot of people who have felt that rope scenes are not conducive to the D/s dynamic. This class shows some methods of tying that allow the control to be unquestionably  felt, as well as techniques that can make a rope scene a beautiful exercise in protocol and command no matter who is getting bound. 




Non-Rope Classes (Technical)

Unconventional Impact Play (Discussion):
Sometimes, we just can’t afford that perfect flogger worth the hundreds of dollars it’s being sold for. But does that mean we can’t hit our bottoms? No! In this class, we look at a few different impact methods, their applications, cheap alternative impact solutions and even the construction of a toy or two.

Building the BDSM Ritual (Discussion):
With the amount of energy and focus produced from the common activities of BDSM play, it is no surprise that some ritualists let those acts play a powerful part in some of their ceremonies. Like blood, sex or intense faith in the past, Kink activities can offer some serious intensity to a ritual when it is wanted or needed.
This workshop focuses on ways to add BDSM acts to your rituals by paying attention to what the ritual needs, identifying what an act can cant be perceived as, and filling in gaps that may exist in the ritual. Please bring either a kinky toy and/or a willingness to have such a toy used on or by you.

Non-Rope Classes (Psychological)


Discovering Your Inner Sadist (Discussion):
While the desire to thrill another with danger may dwell within a person, our upbringing may have put walls up stopping us from being able to embrace that side of yourself. Through stories and associations with some unlikely archetypes, this class pushes you to find the face of your monster, and wear it with a smile.