You might be thinking: “So, you seem cool with all this rope and all. And I think you and I could work together. But what exactly do you do?

Good Question!

I have been training in rope bondage since 2000. I continue to train at it constantly. With my current skill level I do three main categories of work: I teach, I perform, and I do art.



I offer many classes on rope as well as other kinky skills. They range from beginner to advanced, technical to psychological. Some of those classes are on video and for sale in the Team Blue Store. I am willing to travel, provided that compensation includes travel fees and lodging. For the full current list offered, look here, and contact me if you want to book a date.

I am also willing to do bondage intensives. A bondage intensive is usually a weekend long event that covers many technical skills to allow for high levels of improvement. Usually the skill level of the class will decide the things covered. However, I do have a beginner, intermediate, and advance intensive framework that I start from. For rates and planning for the event, contact me.



As well as travel to teach, I also travel to perform. We do different bondage shows, ranging from the slow and beautiful, to the fast and intense, and everything in between. While we can do something on short notice, the more time we have to plan, the better we can plan it. Contact me for rates and bookings.



When not teaching or performing, I usually do some type of art with my rope. Usually it's photography. I do the bondage, and I snap the pictures. You'll see some of my work in the gallery. And you'll also find some prints for sale in the store. We also do a a yearly calendar. If you are interested in being tied for your own personal photoshoot, I'm very easy to hire ;). I can also be hired to do bondage for your artistic venture. I can be the rigger behind the scenes for your movie, or the person in the frame while you snap the photos. Just send me an email, and we will work out all the details.


Anything Else??

While I covered what I primarily do, I'm very open to thing I may not have covered. You may have a very specific function in your head that would benefit with some rope in the shade of Blue. Send me a message, and lets see what we can make work!