Not the Beginning...

All stories have a beginning.This one is no different.

…You just missed it.

This isn't the first day that I've ever done rope bondage. Or the first day that I've ever posted a picture. It's not the first time I've written a bondage blog. This isn't even the first time I've made a bondage website.

I've been traveling this path with rope for around 15 years. On that journey, I've tied over 10,000 times spread across over 300 people. Among those people have been friends, lovers, teachers, students, fans, total strangers, and even a movie star. I've trained hard and worked constantly to go from being just a guy with rope, to one of the more respected rope artists in the United States.

As I travel the path rope has led me on, I occasionally have thoughts about the world I see. Sometimes it is about the responsibilities of people in power in our community. Sometimes it is about the way one can tie and how one decides what is the way they should tie. Sometimes, it is nothing more than a reflection on how my most recent experiences have affected me. All of those things, and more, will be recorded here. So while this is not the beginning of anything, It is a wonderful place to jump on and follow what happens next as unfolds.

Allow me to introduce myself:

I am Murphy Blue, Professional Bondage Rigger and Educator, Rope Monk, and Captain of Team Blue. Nawashi in Residence at NYCAIR's Nawa Studio, Member of the Eastern Rope Clans, and occasionally called “The Blue Wind of the East”.

Nice to make you acquaintance.